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My name is Torie Villers. I am a 10 year old, overweight, large breed dog. Unfortunately, I have very bad arthritis in my hips. I have been coming to Water Gait for the last year-I was one of their first patients. I was having a difficult time standing up, laying down and walking up the stairs. I like coming to Water Gait because it is like going to a spa. I get acupuncture and laser therapy to relieve my pain and discomfort. I walk on the underwater treadmill every week to help build up my muscles. I have lost 15 pounds and have gained several centimeters in muscle mass. Losing the weight, gaining back muscle mass/tone and improving my flexibility has really helped me to move around more easily. I look forward to seeing Dr. Joyce, Karen and Molly each week. They are wonderful to me and they have sure helped me feel better.

My wife and I would like to thank you for all that you have done for our 13 year old Bouvier, Mr. Bixby. His muscle tone and mobility in his hind quarters had been gradually deteriorating. We had tried everything and were out of options when we decided to try Water Gait Veterinary Rehabilitation. You came highly recommended by our veterinarian. Your various treatments including acupuncture, laser and water therapy gave us new hope. Mr. Bixby improved with every treatment. You brought an improved quality of life to our special friend. We would highly recommend Water Gait Rehabilitation to all those owners who are seeking improved mobility for their pets.

Post-Op Rehabilitation

Dr. Joyce, Just a quick note to say "Thank You". I'm so grateful that MVS recommended you. I never would have known about, or thought of, "water therapy" to help with Kaiser's recovery, but it worked! Due to the length of time he was out of his exercise routine with 2 surgeries, his leg muscles were really atrophied. You were so willing to answer my ridiculous number of questions and always followed up to see how he was doing. Kaiser was out of commission on and off for a year between the 2 surgeries. He took his first run in mid January following his TPLO surgery and rehabilitation. Amazing. He's got great muscle mass to build on. The time, money and effort were so worth it to have such a successful recovery! I would be happy to speak with anyone as a reference since this is such a great option. .

Neurological Rehabilitation

Sadie, our 3 year old chocolate Lab, was running on a soccer field with her canine buddies when she cried out in pain and fell to the ground. Her back legs were completely paralyzed. We took Sadie to a neurologist where she received an MRI. She was diagnosed with a concussive herniated disc in the middle of her spine. Surgery was not recommended because she did not have compression in her spine-just swelling. She was given a "guarded" prognosis which was downgraded to "poor" a week later when she still did not have feeling in her right leg.

I found Dr. Balnaves on the internet after Goggling canine rehabilitation. She suggested medical acupuncture and therapeutic laser to stimulate the nervous system and help with inflammation. This was followed by hydrotherapy in the underwater treadmill. The results have been miraculous. After three weeks Sadie was walking independently and growing stronger each day. Dr. Joyce has been a terrific resource to our family to speed Sadie's recovery. She has offered great tips from products to assist with mobility, to rehabilitation exercises we can do at home. I highly recommend Dr. Joyce and her staff for pets needing rehabilitation.